Radio Frequency Products and Solution

  1. Repeater Base Stations and Walkie-talkies (VHF/UHF/Tetra)
  2. Bi-Directional Amplifiers - VHF/UHF/Tetra/IDEN/GSM900/1800/3G/LTE
  3. 3in1 Repeater Combining System - Consist of Transmitter-Combiners, Receiver Multi-Couplers and Duplexers
  4. RF Passive Components (Ex Stock)  - Indoor/Outdoor Antennas, Power Splitter, Directional Couplers, Coaxial Loads, Attenuators, Lightning Arrestors, Cables, Connectors, Grounding Kits etc
  5. FM Rebroadcast Voice Break In System
  6. Professional Voice Recording and Lawful Interception
  7. Coaxial Switches - Use during Emergency Shut Down (ESD) to reduce TX power to 1 Watt
  8. Digital Microwave Radio - Point to Point & Point to Multi-Point Radio - E1 interface, Data Multiplexers, Gyro Stabilized Antenna System
  9. Tropo Scatter System